Growth through innovation in operations

Your business strategy should incorporate both the external as well as the internal factors. Business process innovation and Strategic use of IT can significantly contribute to your strategy. More »

Viable Vision for an ever flourishing company

Viable Vision, based on TOC Strategy and Tactics Trees, provides a road map for achieving profitability levels that far exceed what is considered as possible. More »

Business Systems Redesign

Designing and implementing innovative business systems in focus areas, based on best of thought leadership available today, would lead to a decisive competitive edge. More »

Strategic IT Effectiveness

Information Technology, if viewed as an strategic asset and deployed judiciously, can provide a strategic advantage. More »

Throughput Accounting

Throughput Accounting provides an improved basis for decision making as compared to traditional financial accounting and can have far reaching implications for a firm\\\\\\\'s profitability. More »



GrowthIntellect Consulting focuses on helping mid size organizations address their growth challenges and improve their business performance. We help our clients implement innovative and optimized business processes and make strategic use of Information Technology leading to competitive differentiation and accelerated growth in top line and bottom line. One of the cornerstones of our offerings is Theory of Constraints (TOC), a holistic and systems approach to identify and focus on few leverage points that have maximum impact on corporate performance.


Our services are delivered by experienced professionals who have gained cross functional expertise working for reputed organizations. We bring a disciplined and rigorous approach to problem solving using factual analysis and teamwork to push the team’s thinking. We offer a new mindset, an outsider’s view that is not locked into the company’s way of doing things. The end result is a solution that creates considerable value for our clients by significantly improving their business performance.