Opportunties in Healthcare



Healthcare in general and hospitals in particular face significant operational challenges due to complexity, dependence and variability in the system. They also normally have constraints in several areas such as

    • Emergency department
    • Operation Theatres
    • Intensive Care Units
    • Expensive Equipment such as X-Ray machines
    • Specialists
    • Hospital wards and beds
    • Nursing staff


In a hospital environment, there are perennial problems with patient admission, several waiting stages, availability of beds, delay in discharge etc. These problems have a huge impact on the customer satisfaction. They also limit the number of patients that can be treated in a given time frame (throughput) for the investment that has been made. Managing a complex system like that with numerous variables is not easy. Information Technology helps but only to a certain extent. Managing such a system requires active and continuous management with right kind of tools and techniques.


TLS (Theory of Constraints Lean Six Sigma) methodology provides the right kinds of tools and techniques to effectively manage a healthcare environment and significantly boost throughput and profitability. Theory of Constraints or TOC is particularly effective in delivering quick and impressive results. To achieve the goals and manage the challenges of a healthcare system, various components of TLS are of great help.



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