Growth through innovation in operations

Your business strategy should incorporate both the external as well as the internal factors. Business process innovation and Strategic use of IT can significantly contribute to your strategy. More »

Viable Vision for an ever flourishing company

Viable Vision, based on TOC Strategy and Tactics Trees, provides a road map for achieving profitability levels that far exceed what is considered as possible. More »

Business Systems Redesign

Designing and implementing innovative business systems in focus areas, based on best of thought leadership available today, would lead to a decisive competitive edge. More »

Strategic IT Effectiveness

Information Technology, if viewed as an strategic asset and deployed judiciously, can provide a strategic advantage. More »

Throughput Accounting

Throughput Accounting provides an improved basis for decision making as compared to traditional financial accounting and can have far reaching implications for a firm\\\\\\\'s profitability. More »


Opportunties in Healthcare

  Healthcare in general and hospitals in particular face significant operational challenges due to complexity, dependence and variability in the system. They also normally have constraints in several areas such as Emergency department Operation Theatres Intensive Care Units Expensive Equipment

Opportunities in Distribution

  Distribution is a big challenge for any organization involved in making a large number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) available at numerous retail outlets. These include Consumer Goods, FMCG and Apparel companies, Automobile Component Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Retailers. Distribution

Opportunities in Financial Services

  Financial Services industry has been going through a turmoil for many years due to several factors – both global as well as local. However, there is also huge potential for growth due to vast untapped potential. Globalization, rapid advances

Business IT Alignment

When organizations formulate their Business Strategy for growth, one aspect they often overlook is to align their IT Strategy with their Business Strategy. This often results in suboptimal execution of their strategy. Aligning IT Strategy with Business Strategy

Growth Operating Model

For organizations growing at a fast pace, it is very important to have the right Operating Model that supports their Growth Strategy. Whether growth is organic or inorganic, Operating Model is key to executing the business strategy. Operating model to

Life Cycle Analysis

Lifecycle Analysis can be used very effectively to find out the current and future challenges being faced by an organization. Though each organization is different, there are some generic challenges that organizations face at different stages of growth as they