Business Systems Redesign



We define Business Systems as an integrated whole consisting of business processes, IT systems and related interfaces designed for a particular business need. Most organizations treat business processes and Information Technology separately as silos. This approach is wrong as business processes and IT should be aligned and should be complementary to each other.

Business Processes can be a source of competitive advantage. As organizations grow, there is a need to periodically look at the business processes and introduce innovations in business processes based on most effective tools and techniques available as of date. There are several reasons why business processes need innovation and redesign. The processes may not have been designed to be scalable. New technologies may make the existing processes inefficient or irrelevant. Changes in the external environment including the competition, regulation etc. may require new or redesigned business processes. New development in management thinking may make it possible to improve the performance levels by several notches.


Our approach looks at business systems redesign from different perspectives. We analyze the business needs and the existing processes and provide an outsider’s view of how the new business processes should look like if they had to be designed from scratch. We also analyze the existing IT systems, interfaces and business policies related to these business processes. We use the holistic and system approach of Theory of Constraints (TOC) to identify where to focus the innovation efforts and use techniques provided by TOC, Lean and Six Sigma as appropriate and aided by power of Information Technology to introduce innovation for dramatic improvement in critical business metrics.