Strategic IT Effectiveness



Information Technology is a key enabler of corporate performance. For growing organizations, it is extremely important to take a strategic view of IT and ensure that organization’s IT Strategy is aligned to its Business Strategy. When the business grows as planned, the IT applications and infrastructure should be able to support the growth in volumes as well as in complexity. IT systems should be able to support new products and services being rolled out. Not only that, IT systems and applications should also help the organization grow by opening new channels for business growth.


We help organizations do just that. We use a methodical approach for developing the IT Strategy and bring in our expertise and insights gained through working with global CIOs. The focus of the exercise is on planning for scalable IT systems to support business growth and incorporating the best practices, contemporary technologies and leading edge applications as part of the roadmap with a view to gain competitive advantage. The end result is the development of a scalable Application Blueprint, a scalable Information and Data Blueprint and a three horizon Implementation Roadmap.